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New Years Resolutions, 2022

I'm all for people making positive changes in their lives. It's a large part what I help people do on a daily basis. As I alluded to in my previous post, New Years Resolutions are a fantastic, societally accepted way to better yourself.

Personally, I partake in some years and don't in other years. But this year, I picked out a few things to work on. There's a lot of anecdote as well as research exploring and discussing the best ways to create change. You may have heard of a SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time based) goal before (or Google it) and it is a great system for making and keeping track of your goals.

I also have made a few goals based on intention, which I don't feel like quantifying and measuring but are very important nonetheless.

Tips for making and maintaining goals:

-Follow the SMART process when applicable, create a way to keep track of goals (I use this daily calendar, pictured last)

-Identify potential barriers to success beforehand and how you'll deal get around these.

-Have process related goals in addition to outcome goals, and acknowledge (maybe even celebrate) the little steps along the way to the bigger goals.

Example: in my goals- things like face washing and meditating daily are pretty straight forward. Whereas PR'ing in a 50k could be approached 50 different ways, but strength training 1-2x/week is definitely one of those ways (I don't need more motivation to run consistently or more).

Other goals will not be measured but more kept in mind, intentionally, throughout the year.

Another helpful tip, share your goals! Having extra accountability is always helpful. Your friends, running buddies, and families can all help keep you honest just by knowing.

Anyone care to share their 2022 resolutions?

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Bonnie Doran
Bonnie Doran
Jan 11, 2022

I don't have specific goals but I have three intentions by my bed for the months of Jan, Feb, and March, and every morning and every night I look at them and think about how I will meet them, how I have been meeting them, or what I need to do to meet them that day.

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