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Zenith Performance and Wellness is hiring another elite Physical Therapist.

At Zenith-PNW, we strive to treat people the way they should be treated; this is why we take the complication and confusion out of healthcare for our clients. We focus our time and energy directly on them and their goals. 

Our community in Eugene/Springfield is taking notice and finding great value in this. As a result, the community of clients we serve continues to grow.


However, since we treat ALL people the way we should be treated, it also means making sure our Physical Therapists are taken care of and have the balance they want in life.


Our PTs do not have to treat clients 40 hours a week to make ends meet, nor do they work unpaid extra hours to catch up on documentation through lunch or after hours. 


We are now searching for another EXTRAORDINARY PT to help our community. 


We are looking for another PT that goes above and beyond for their clients, practices what they preach, and above all else- is a GOOD HUMAN.


Before you apply, take some time to read the questions below to make sure you're a good fit for this position.


-Do you wish you had a job that made you excited to show up every day (rather than dread it)?


-Do you wish you worked with a flexible schedule in an environment where you helped people make a positive and transformational impact on their health and fitness?


-Would you love to be able to have the time and energy to actually enjoy the things the beautiful PNW has to offer?


-Do you love being around passionate people and developing meaningful relationships within a close community?


If you answer yes to the questions above.. continue reading!


This position is currently a part-time opportunity with unmatched flexibility in scheduling- even starting with a few clients per week, with the expectation to grow into a full-time position within the next 2-4 months (however, our definition of full time is a bit different than most clinics).  


This position will allow you to:


-Take your time during sessions, full hour sessions rather than being rushed on 15-30 minute scheduling blocks.

-Communicate with clients regarding their pathway to THEIR goals, not based on insurance limitations.

-Work in a office/gym hybrid setting, taking clients from rehab PT to performance PT.

-Work with a higher percentage of athletes, active adults, and people who truly care about moving and moving WELL!

-Participate in developing local relationships via community outreach.

-Be compensated in a way that allows you to live well, without the PT clinic universal expectation of more work for less pay. Hourly PT session pay is $75/session, with option of salaried pay instead. 

-IRA contribution with employer match, PTO and paid holidays after initial employment period. 


Background or specialties preferred, but not required include: 

-history of athletics (team sports and/or endurance activities).

-pelvic health specialist

-cycling or triathlons

We are looking for the right person rather than an exact checklist. 


If you have an interest in health and fitness and are looking to have a role in making a BIG impact in people’s lives without the usual limitations imposed on PTs by corporations and insurance companies, we encourage you to apply.


Fill out the contact form below and Jesse Klein (owner) or Mikki Washburn (Business Manager) will reach out to you. 

Fill out form to apply.




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