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Dr. Jesse Klein, DPT, OCS, CSCS
Dr. Jenn Randall, DPT, OCS, CMPT, USATF-1


To help runners and active individuals around Eugene, Oregon get back to and excel in life, running, and sport by providing individualized Rehab and Performance Physical Therapy. 


-Physical Therapy and Wellness services performed by runners, for runners. 

We understand what you are going through, your goals, and how to help you reach them.

-You won't just be told "Stop Running." or "Running is bad for you."

-You will get a clearly laid out plan to help fix your pain and injuries.

-Zenith serves you as a person, not insurance companies' bottom lines.


-We focus our time and energy on your goals, not theirs.


-Zenith offers unparalleled time advantages to get you back to the things you love, sooner: 

-Scheduling within 1-3 business days of initial contact. 

-Hour long sessions with your Doctor of Physical Therapy.


-Direct communication with your DPT via phone and email to answer questions between sessions. 


-Individualization to get you feeling and performing better.

What Clients Say

Runners helping Runners

"The Runners' Foundation Classes are great! Jesse and Jenn do a wonderful job of creating fun and challenging classes each week. I would highly recommend to any endurance athlete looking for a structured class to support strength and mobility. I look forward to it each week!"

Shira Evans, RD, CSSD, LD

"...Above and beyond providing PT, Zenith can also make recommendations pointing you to other training groups, resources or even one on one personalized coaching. Zenith also hosts many running related workshops, sharing their extensive knowledge and experience with the community. This approach and community outreach really means a lot in my book.

Zenith will always care for you with your best interests at heart, this isn't a place that looks to book out weeks of office visits just for the sake of it, the integrity here is top notch. That said, the care provided will not cut corners. They are great at explaining all the options and working with you to find what will fits you, and your schedule. Jesse and Jenn are part of my closest "running family", and have now helped me for 2 Boston Marathons.

James W.

"...After trying and failing to address the issue on my own, I found myself at Zenith-PNW with Jesse and things quickly got better.

...He not only recommended a number of at-home stretches and exercises that have helped comfort while running, but we also had a conversation about the intensity and pace of my running, and the importance of an overall plan of attack. If you're attempting to work your way through that persistent nagging injury, quit it. Reach out to Zenith and get better.

(Chris qualified for the Boston Marathon that cycle)

Oct '22: ...I'd also like to give a special thanks to Jenn for the incredible work she's doing at Zenith....over the course of a few sessions together, she helped me develop a new routine that addressed the problem and left me feeling prepared on race day. It's no surprise that she exhibits the fantastic care and expertise that we've come to expect when walking into Zenith, but it's still remarkable to meet a new PT who seems to genuinely care about your progress toward feeling better."

Chris M.

2 years of pain, now focused on vertical gain

"I had pain on and off for 2 years. A month after completing the Eugene Marathon, I couldn't even walk without pain. I had consulted with other PTs before but nothing seemed to help for long. I went to Zenith in June and after the 1st sessions already started to feel cautiously optimistic that my pain was finally getting better. 

Jesse is a very good listener and remembers what we talked about so we can build and progress in the next session. He worked with me to reach my goals of becoming a stronger runner and running/walking pain free.

Jesse created a stretch and weight training program for me to meet these goals. He also watched me run and made suggestions to improve my form. I am now running pain free and training for my first ultra marathon! I strongly recommend Zenith and am so happy I found this place so I could start feeling healthier and continue running and doing the things I love to do."

Sophia F.

From Dr Google and guessing to
Boston Marathon bound

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COVID Precautions

we take sanitary precautions to keep clients safe

-As of 4/3/2023, the Oregon's Mask Mandate in Healthcare settings has been lifted.

Masks are now optional during sessions, but Physical Therapist/Trainer will gladly wear one during your session if you would like.

-We also ask you to wear one if you suspect you are sick/contagious

We will still be:

-Hand sanitizing prior to and following session

-Sanitizing any utilized equipment at the end sessions

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