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We help active individuals in Eugene, OR get back to and excel in life and sport through Physical Therapy and Training

Our Process

Step 1: Find the Root Cause

At Zenith, we don’t just treat the site of pain. We perform a comprehensive evaluation of the whole body to find the root cause of pain. The first step in our process is to use a precise yet thorough analysis to diagnose the underlying patterns that can lead to pain.

Step 2: Relieve Pain

Our initial goal is to get you out of pain as quickly as possible. Pain can affect everything in your life from the activities you do with your family to your general mood and energy. Getting out of pain can drastically improve your overall health and well-being.

Step 3: Improve Resiliency

The best way to address pain is to improve movement patterns and capacity of tissues. In other words, we help you move better and be stronger. When you can move efficiently, you become more robust and resilient. Our goal is to make you never need traditional physical therapy again.

What Clients Say

Runners helping Runners

"The Runners' Foundation Classes are great! Jesse and Jenn do a wonderful job of creating fun and challenging classes each week. I would highly recommend to any endurance athlete looking for a structured class to support strength and mobility. I look forward to it each week!"

Shira Evans, RD, CSSD, LD

"...Above and beyond providing PT, Zenith can also make recommendations pointing you to other training groups, resources or even one on one personalized coaching. Zenith also hosts many running related workshops, sharing their extensive knowledge and experience with the community. This approach and community outreach really means a lot in my book.

Zenith will always care for you with your best interests at heart, this isn't a place that looks to book out weeks of office visits just for the sake of it, the integrity here is top notch. That said, the care provided will not cut corners. They are great at explaining all the options and working with you to find what will fits you, and your schedule. Jesse and Jenn are part of my closest "running family", and have now helped me for 2 Boston Marathons.

James W.

"Mariel made a significant impact on my dominant arm regaining its range of motion and strength after a scary rollover crash I experienced one foggy morning on the way to work. Someone ran a stop sign into me at 55mph. As a former collegiate runner, and basketball player who has an active career, my ability to move is very important to me. After my arm surgery I was worried that I would never feel like an athlete again. My arm was very much stuck when I got out of my cast. Mariel was very kind and relateable, and very knowledgeable in techniques for treatment, while also being creative in making exercises fun. I am now running, lifting weights, and shooting a basketball again, getting stronger, and am back to fulfilling my career duties. I loved Zenith’s facility, as it has a sick gym space. I recommend them with all my heart.


The staff is professional and friendly, and is eager to help you get back to where you want to be and beyond. I’m convinced that if I had gone elsewhere, I would have not seen the same great results. Thank you Mariel for helping me in my journey to healing! If you are looking to make a comeback after an injury, no matter how scary, Zenith can help you get there."

Jasmine L.F.

No cookie cutter rehab. Personalized and holistic approach.

"A great team, facility, and experience. I went to Zenith to improve my running form and lower back strength, and I was able to accomplish this and so much more. At Zenith, you not only get great treatment, you also get an academic understanding of your own body and how to improve it. I worked with Mike Robinson and he thoroughly assessed my body's mechanics and diligently worked through all the different areas I wanted to improve. His treatment and instruction empowered me to continue getting stronger and more agile at their gym and on my own time, and I'm walking away with a whole arsenal of new tools to become a better athlete. Looking forward to future sessions with Mike down the road to check on progress and keep optimizing my running!"

John G.

From car accident and broken arm to basketball, weights, and life.

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