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Who We Serve

We enjoy getting to know our clients beyond their primary concern- which helps lead to better solutions. You are more than a neuromusculoskeletal impairment, you are a whole-person and will be treated as such. 


Zenith is appropriate for nearly everyone, but was specifically established to help:

1.) Rehab Physical Therapy: for people experiencing pain and limitations and want personalized physical therapy.

Those tired of being shuffled between providers and passed from physician to orthopedist to PT and from PT to PT Assistant to PT aide every 15 minutes. Those who want access to their provider to ask questions and address concerns as needed. 

2.) Performance Physical Therapy for non-injured athletes and those looking to pursue sport, fitness, and wellness goals.

Our experience training as athletes and training others gives us perspective on helping people of all ages and abilities in their athletic pursuits. Jesse is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association; which is the benchmark certification for strength and conditioning coaches for high school, college and beyond. Jenn is a USA Track and Field Level 1 coach, an elite runner, and knows running programming and coaching like few others.

3.) Performance Physical Therapy for those who have improved beyond the scope of traditional, rehab physical rehabilitation but still want professional help bridging the gap from therapy discharge to their recreational and athletic goals. Often, health insurance deems someone “ready for discharge” when they no longer have debilitating pain or can return to work, not when they are back to prior level of function or confident. Other times, people need a trained eye to ensure they can continue exercising without getting hurt. Others simply want the accountability and a fresh training plan to make sure they meet their health and fitness goals. We are able to provide that guidance on a continual basis, with many of our rehab clients choosing to continue PT to reduce risk of future injury and to improve their athletic performance.

4.) Personal Training and Wellness sessions that work for you- with a variety of session and package options.  Sessions and training plans vary by client goals and can include everything from plyometric, power, and sprint training for an athlete to a non-weight bearing or body weight training program for someone new to exercise or returning after a prolonged sedentary period. All the while we discuss and come up with solutions to other areas of wellness including sleep, stress management, general nutrition, and exercise programming. 

SO, who is Zenith Performance and Wellness for? 


-Those in pain and unable to do their normal activities.


-Those who are looking to do their daily and recreational activities better.

-Those who are tired of receiving cookie cutter, general advice and feel like they are not being heard when they interact with healthcare providers.

-Those who have been told "running is bad for you" by their provider- FALSE. 


-Those looking to progress in their athletic pursuits (team sports, runners,  triathletes, and general fitness)

-Youth athletes looking for an edge with personal performance training

-Those balancing work, kids, and life duties 

-Those discharged by physical therapy that still need help getting back to  previous recreational activities and sports

-Those that want a trainer experienced in treating after injuries or with chronic pain (note again, if physical therapy is appropriate or advisable, you will be referred for it). 

-Those looking for training beyond just what sets and reps to perform, and want to enhance their wellness

-People that bought home exercise equipment and are not sure what to do with it or how to structure workouts

-Those that need non-traditional treatment hours- early morning and evening.

-Those concerned about safety of the gyms.

-Those that do not like going to the gyms in the first place.

-Those looking for guidance as they begin exercise for the first time.

-Those looking for guidance as they resume training after a prolonged sedentary period.

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