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Below you will find more information about each of our services and how they differ from others in the field. Feel free to read through the page to find out more about our unique approach to helping our community rehab from pain and injury, as well as perform at your peak

Or, if you know you are ready to book a Physical Therapy, Recovery/Rejuvenation, Personal Training session, or Join our Monday Morning Runner's Strength and Mobility Classes- click the button below.

(you will be taken to our client portal website, PT Everywhere, where you can register, book appointments, see your home program, and track your progress!)

Physical Therapy

ankle injury rehab
low back pain treatment
knee pain treatment

Zenith Performance and Wellness is a direct care physical therapy provider.


-Oregon allows direct access for PT.

Direct access to Zenith allows you to be seen within days of contact (no month long waiting lists), without jumping through the traditional hoops of seeing your physician (with co-pay) just to be sent to the PT anyway, seeking insurance approval, waiting for insurance approval (just to pay out of pocket anyway).

-Sessions are one hour. Giving us time for a thorough, effective treatment. No rushing through care because your provider has to hustle to their next patient.

-No being shuffled from physical therapist to physical therapist assistant to physical therapy 'aide'. All visits are provided by an experienced Doctor of Physical Therapy, Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist, and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist or Certified Manual Physical Therapist.

And since we serve you and not insurance, we do not spend half our time filling out insurance documentation and you get more direct care time!


-If you have more than one area of concern, we can address that.

-If you want to get back to your recreational pursuits and not just be 'pain free', we can do that (often times insurance stops covering PT once someone is functional, not optimal). 

-Physical therapy provided by someone who knows running, sports, and the dedicated, competitive lifestyle; and still live it. 

-Sessions utilize thorough history taking (you will be heard), examination (we will find what is likely causing your problems), manual therapy (to speed up recovery), corrective exercises (so you can continue making your problems better between visits), and recommendations/guidelines to improve recovery and decrease risk of recurrence.

Contact us to ask questions and schedule a free discovery call and find out if we are a good fit. 


Or book a session directly online by clicking this link.

(Link will take you to our online interface, PT Everywhere)

Runner's Strength and Mobility Classes

RUnners AM rotating planks.jpg
Runners AM class, squats.jpg
Thursday runner PM hip flexor stretch.jpg

Runner's Foundation Classes offer small group training specifically tailored for runners.

-Lead by our Doctor's of Physical Therapy, who are also Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialists and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists.


-These weekly limited-participant classes will help you build the foundation that helps decrease injury risk, increase performance, and outright make you feel better.  


-Classes will provide enough of a workout for a good strength stimulus, but not leave you wiped out, unable to train the next day, or sore for 3 days. It is meant to be accessible to all non-injured individuals with our experienced Doctors of Physical Therapy making appropriate modifications based on your ability.

Each class is an hour long and includes:

-a warm up

-form and speed drills

-strength exercises to help you run better

- balance exercises

and mobility drills and stretches specific to runners. 


Single class sessions are $20, or join a group of other committed local runners with our monthly

Move Better Membership for $60/month

Contact us with questions. 

Book Runner's Foundation Class online by clicking this link.

(Link will take you to our online interface, PT Everywhere)

Recovery and Rejuvenation Sessions

runner in Normatec recovery boots

-Recovery and Rejuvenation Sessions combine the relaxation and benefits of massage or other bodywork with the education of our Doctors of Physical Therapy- who are experienced athletes and runners themselves.  

-Sessions are customized and may consist of: manual and instrument assisted soft tissue work, assisted stretching and range of motion work, use of percussion and vibrational devices (use of Hyperice products- Hypervolt, Venom, Vyper, Hypersphere mini), and use of Normatec compression leg system.

-Note: these are different from Physical Therapy sessions in that they are evaluative or prescriptive and do not include a home program. However, they are performed by our Doctors of Physical Therapy and we can focus on particular areas of tightness/stiffness and you're likely to pick up some helpful ideas during your session.

Please let us know if you would like longer than 60minutes during your session, which we can accommodate as scheduling allows. 

Session length and price are: 

-30 minutes for $60 

-60 minutes for $100 

-‘Punch card’ style purchase of 5 hours (to be used in 30-60 minute blocks) for $450 ($90 per 60 minutes).


Or book a session directly online by clicking this link​.

(Link will take you to our online interface, PT Everywhere)

Personal and Performance Training

personal training weight training

Training services, tailored to your specific goals and needs.


-Each session is approximately 1 hour but can be arranged to be longer.


-To be provided in our office gym.

-Under specific circumstances, can be provided in your home, garage, yard, office, public park/field.

-All sessions provided by a certified strength and conditioning specialist with close attention to form. Individualized training and exercise planning provided. 

-Pricing varies based on package purchased. 

Single session purchases $100/hour session. 
$95/hour session with 5 session package  
$90/hour session with 10 session+ package 


Duo sessions also available- $100/person/1 hour session 
$65/person/hour session with 10 duo session package ($650/person/10 hours training)
$60/person/hour session with 20 duo session package ($1200/person/20 hours training)


Payment plans available. 

Group and Team Training

-Performed in our own clinic, with turf space and weight room

-Give your team the performance advantage.

-Specific sport demand analysis with corresponding training.

-Focus on movement training, plyometrics, sprints, and agility.

-Individual session or season long training available.

Contact below for pricing/payment options and scheduling. 


Or book a session directly online by clicking this link​.

(Link will take you to our online interface, PT Everywhere)

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