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Regarding Physical Therapy in Eugene, Oregon.
Personal Training, and other services for runners, by runners.

See some commonly asked questions below, and if you do not see the question you are thinking of, utilize our contact box to specifically ask. 

  • What can I expect from my physical therapy sessions and plan of care?
    All physical therapy sessions are one hour (though longer can be arranged as needed) and provided by the same, qualified physical therapist. Prior to first session, new client paperwork will be filled out and reviewed by therapist if received digitally (saving you time in visit). We begin with a thorough medical history and history of current problems, then a physical examination is performed, followed by manual therapy and corrective exercises to start addressing the issue. A home exercise program and treatment guidelines are provided. Wear comfortably fitting, athletic wear to allow you to move freely. Follow up sessions begin with a synopsis of how things have been since the last session. Then a brief, specific re-examination to check for progress/changes, then more directed manual therapy, review and progression of corrective exercises and home program. Depending on goals, sessions may also include sport specific training, running, weight training. Since we are able to fit more treatment into each session, less overall sessions are generally needed for full recovery. Unlike 'traditional' physical therapy that is dictated by corporations, insurance companies, and declining reimbursement; we do not see you more than necessary, do not expect us to recommend 3 sessions a week for 6-12 weeks. However, many clients, especially those that are active, do like taking advantage of recurring continuity sessions, less frequently, to perform preventative care and update their programs and decrease risk of further issues.
  • What can I expect from my personal or group training sessions?
    Good question! This can vary wildly depending on the individual or group and their desired outcomes. The first session includes a brief conversation and history of training, followed by some physical tests of the client's capabilities. This helps form our individualized goals and plan. The following sessions include a warm up, the main training portion (may include strengthening, mobility exercises, power/plyometrics, sport specific drills, cardiovascular conditioning), followed by a cool down. During sessions, education is also provided on wellness practices and habits to be performed outside of sessions to enhance progress toward fitness and wellness goals. Length of training plan also varies based on clients' needs. Some may be looking for a short term boost to their current exercise plan or a several month long commitment to bridge the gap from therapy discharge to previous level of recreational function. Others want long term training and progressions. We offer training plans for each situation.
  • Where can you see me?
    Zenith-PNW provides an unparalleled blend of rehab and performance services in our wonderful hybrid performance gym/PT clinic. Our clinic is located at 160 S. Park St. Eugene, Oregon 97401. (as of 10/30/23, a move from our original location on Oak St. If you search the address, you will also see information for Convergence PT and Performance, who we recently merged with to create the best PT experience in town). For extenuating and special circumstances (such as after a debilitating surgery or injury), we are also able to see clients at their home (inside or outside), at their office (if allowed), or outdoors in a public park/track/field. We operate mostly in the Eugene/Springfield area. If you are outside our service area, please contact us to discuss your options. Additional travel fees apply for mobile sessions and virtual sessions also also available for those who cannot travel to the clinic.
  • When can I be seen? I have a busy work schedule...
    Another advantage of Zenith-PNW is we are open for traditional and non-traditional business hours: before or after work on weekdays, with availability on Saturdays in some circumstances. Scheduling based on availability, utilize our contact form below to discuss your specific situation. Or book directly through the "Book now" feature on the home and services page. That way you can pick an exact time and date that works best for you.
  • Why do your prices seem higher than others I have seen advertised?
    Quality treatment, training, and attention, like a lot of things, is a situation where you get what you pay for. Unfortunately, although all physical therapists are licensed and passed a national exam, the education, training, knowledge, quality, and personality of PT varies widely. So does the quality and individuality of treatment sessions and plans. With Zenith-PNW, you get quality, individualized care; one on one for a hour with a Doctor of Physical Therapist. Note: It is also worth looking into if your current insurance does actually cover PT in the first place; if not- your private pay rate at an in-network, insurance-based clinic is likely to be significantly higher as these clinics may still follow the inflated pay rate set by insurances, even if you are not utilizing your insurance. Others may notice an unreasonably high deductible or out of pocket payment before PT benefits even kick in. It is not uncommon for a client to be told a rough estimate of their expected payments, only to be billed much higher later on due to this lagging communication between clinic and insurance company. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy have personal and professional experience above and beyond that of your average PT clinic. All also have or are pursuing higher level certifications relevant to our clients. We also have unmatched communication pathways between you and your PT. Even more unfortunately, 'personal training' is not a well regulated industry. In fact, there is no licensing or standardized testing requirements to be a personal trainer in Oregon. Someone may take a weekend course and start advertising themselves as one (of course, this does not mean one cannot be a great trainer without license/formal education- but it is rarer). Zenith-PNW Coaches and trainers have degrees in Kinesiology or Exercise Science and years of experience helping everyone from youth, high school, and college athletes as well as adults with fitness and health related goals. They are well versed in helping people reach their goals, modifying exercise as needed based on injuries or rehab status, and work in close concert with our DPTs to ensure they are provided the highest level of continued care. Often taking our former-PT clients to their next stage of recovery through individual and group training. Contact us to hear more about this option.
  • Who do you see? I see a lot of running and athletics on your page and I don't consider myself a runner or athlete...
    Though we enjoy working with athletes and fixing running injuries a lot, they are far from the only people we enjoy helping. We still see many clients (and had many clients in our previous clinical experiences) who wouldn't consider themselves athletes. Non-athletes and non-exercisers are treated with the same care, individualization, dignity, and respect as everyone else. You will not be shamed. We will not try to turn you into a marathon runner against your will (though we will likely give you tools and strategies to eventually move more to keep you out of pain). We have helped guide countless formerly-sedentary people through a progressive program to reach their health and wellness goals. Please feel free to contact us to hear more about our philosophy of movement.
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