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Thank you, Eugene

Every Dec 31/Jan 1st I sit down for a few hours and reflect on the previous year and look forward to the upcoming year. This year, my personal and professional life blended together much more since I started my practice; I can’t reflect on my own 2021 without also thinking back on what a great change Zenith has been for me.

I knew I wanted to start my own practice by the summer of 2020 and started thinking more concretely about my plan in fall 2020, purchased my website and officially became an LLC in January 2021, started training clients on the side in April, then two days a week in May, then jumped to full time in June.

The idea was simple, what would the best physical therapy practice be like if not influenced by outside factors (insurance requirements, time constraints and needing to rush from client to client, being passed from therapist to therapist, someone telling you that a certain area is off limits)?

And what is most valuable to people (having time to tell their story, being listened to and understood, having continuity of care with the same therapist, having access to their therapist between sessions, be given full answers instead of ‘always, never, none’ generalizations, actually getting better (!), and getting treatment from someone who gives a shit about them).

There’s always room for improvement and refinement- and that will continue in 2022, but I am happy to say that 2021 was a fantastic and fulfilling start. In a year that was incredibly hard for a lot of individuals and groups, I recognize how fortunate my positive year was. I’ve been able to form working relationships and help many people get back to the things they love, and then get to do them better. I've also broken through some of the trappings of 'traditional Physical Therapy'- who says we cannot blend manual therapy with active exercise then progress to weight training? Who says you can't continue to receive PT in a preventative and performance based form after recovering from pain/injury?

I’ve enjoyed worked with individuals and entire families. I’ve met people in their homes, gyms, parks and trails, and my office. I’ve made new friends and running buddies and cheered them on and been cheered on at local races.

But saying "I" that many times glosses over the fact that this practice only exists because of the others around it: my wife- for believing in me and jumping in when I choose to leave my previous clinic, the Eugene running community at large (but more specifically Joe Uhan, DTP CFMT for encouragement and guidance setting up a PT practice and knowing the more quality therapy the better. Team 5AM Running Madness for professionally partnering with me and also providing a great training environment for my own running and training. And Run Hub Northwest for their support and allowing me to come monthly for injury consults and being a continually valuable resource for the running community in Eugene.

And to my clients who trust me with their care and their wellness. That’s ultimately my purpose and it's also my reward.

Cheers to 2021 and here’s to 2022.

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