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Why 92% of New Year’s Resolutions Fail, and how Zenith can help you join the 8% who change their lives.

Lots of people- including PTs- have mixed opinions on New Year's Resolutions (NYRs). It’s easy to be cynical about NYRs and quip about being healthy year round or subscribe to ‘no time like the present’ sort of thinking.

Here at Zenith, we’re all about helping people change their health and their lives for the better- regardless of when or why someone decides to do so. 

So, let’s briefly break down NYRs, talk about the bumps in the road, and explore why having an expert physical therapist or coach can be your secret weapon.

Stats on Resolutions:

Here’s a rough statistic: research from the University of Scranton indicates that only 8% of individuals manage to achieve their NYRs, and by mid-February, over 80% of these aspirations have been abandoned. Acknowledging these statistics is pivotal for those seeking to formulate realistic and attainable goals.

Common Pitfalls:

1. Lack of Precision: Resolutions often flounder when they lack specificity. Using SMART criteria (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) enhances the prospect of success.

2. Ambitious Overreach: Establishing unrealistically high expectations can lead to disillusionment. Incremental, sustainable changes are more conducive to long-term success.

3. Absence of Accountability: The absence of a support structure or mechanisms for accountability can impede progress. Establishing social support and regular check-ins significantly impact the likelihood of success.

4. Inadequate Planning: Failure to anticipate obstacles or devise contingency plans can undermine progress. Methodical planning, accounting for potential setbacks, is indispensable for resilience.

Strategies for Success:

1. Realistic Goal Setting: Define clear, achievable objectives that align with overarching health and fitness aspirations.

2. Structured Planning: Develop a comprehensive plan encompassing specific actions, timelines, and milestones to facilitate progress tracking.

3. Establishing Support Networks: Communicate resolutions to friends, family, or community groups to establish a supportive environment fostering motivation and encouragement. Or even better, form the healthy habits with friends, family, or teammates. Train with them. Join exercise classes with them. Keep each other accountable.

4. Continuous Evaluation: Regularly assess progress and recalibrate the plan as necessary. Celebrating incremental achievements sustains motivation. Most resolutions involve a large Outcome oriented goal, but establishing Process oriented goals can help you along the way. 

The Significance of Physical Therapy and Coaching:

Enlisting the expertise of physical therapists and coaches significantly heightens the likelihood of resolution accomplishment. At Zenith, we offer personalized guidance, customized exercise regimens, and expert insights into injury prevention and recovery. Every day, we help people toward big and small goals by providing:

1. Tailored Programs: Our Doctors of Physical Therapy and Strength and Condition Coaches provide personalized programs, aligning resolutions with individual capabilities.

2. Injury Prevention: We readily identify potential injury risks and incorporate exercises to prevent setbacks, ensuring continuity in your fitness routines.

3. Motivational Support: Regular sessions (even if infrequent) provide a built-in support structure, offering motivation and accountability throughout the resolution journey.

4. Community. In addition to PT and Personal Training, we have options for Small Group Training, and Large Group/Team Training. Contact us if interested in establishing this for your team or group of friends. 

5. Expert Insight: Our professionals bring specialized knowledge in biomechanics, injury rehab and prevention, exercise progression, nutrition, and exercise physiology, contributing significantly to your success in NYRs.

So- let’s not be victims of the statistics above. 

We help clients reach a wide range of goals: 

Like David, who has worked with Dr Mariel Hammond for 6 months and has eliminated his knee and back pain, lost weight, improved his blood markers, and best of all- feels better! 

Jenny, who works with Dr Jesse Klein and is transitioning from a 3 mile-per-day runner to training for her first marathon! 

Richard- who, in his 60’s, has worked with Dr Jenn Randall monthly for over a year while he pursuits a spot in the Master’s World Track & Field Competition. 

Or the 20+ runners who join us each Thursday night for Strength and Mobility Training. 

And many more.. Chances are, we’ve helped someone like you with the same goal you’re aiming for. 

Achieving NYRs requires short- and long-term planning, realistic goal-setting, and a robust support system. Our physical therapists and coaches play an instrumental role in guiding individuals toward success, offering expertise, motivation, and accountability on the resolution journey. As you embark on your goals for the year, we hope you will consider working with us to join the 8% that change their life for the better. 

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