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Resolution Recap, March

2022 Resolution Recap- March

Physically: March was really centered around the last month of training for the Gorge Waterfalls 50k on 4/3.

And I did really well in that realm. After a couple ‘lower’ weeks (40 and 47 miles) in late February/early March due to travel and a cold; I finished the training push with two strong weeks (65 and 72 miles), including good long trail runs.

I’ve also had a couple taper weeks now, in which I cut down to 38 miles and now just about 18 miles before Sunday’s 50k.

I feel pretty well prepared for it, as prepared as I can at least… so I’m taking solace in that and trying not to be anxious going into it.

I also continue to hit my daily meditation and stretching goals, and actually look forward to the meditation now. It feels more like a reward than a duty.

Where I have fallen off a bit is with my strength training, which… is ironic and pretty hypocritical really, since I preach it so heavily. It’s partially due to being sick early in the month and tapering late in the month combined with a busy schedule. I meant to do some reduced load lifting this month and didn’t do as much as intended.. oh well, I will get back on it next month.

Still no volunteering yet, but do have a couple in the books for the summer.

How are you all doing on yours?

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