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2022 Resolutions, January Update

Accountability time- January 2022 resolution check in…

… so far so good!

I believe in some public accountability when it comes to goals, I think if it as skin in the game (for any Nassim Nicholas Taleb readers out there).

Goals are more likely to get done when you know other people know about them.

I’ve been able to be self motivated for most of these, but I admit there’s been a few instances already where the thought of someone asking me if I’ve done x or y has pushed me to do it.

Meditating daily ✔️

Running 5-6x/week ✔️

Strength training 1-2x/week ✔️

Face washing ✔️

Intention goals… doing ok so far.

Have not volunteered yet.

How are your goals for the year going so far?

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