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Runner Strength Classes are Starting Soon at Zenith

What better way to kick off your work day, and week than by getting sweaty and STRONGER with friends?

Now is the time to work towards becoming a healthier and fitter athlete. Zenith Performance and Wellness is now offering weekly group strength training classes that can offer you that motivation that you need to stay on track with your fitness goals.

As discussed in previous posts, runners must do more than just running if they want to stay healthy and to perform their best on the roads, trails, and track. Injury rates amongst runners can be high, with annual injury rates ranging from 30 to 75 percent. But, injuries should not be inevitable.

We at Zenith feel that it is important to go beyond treating injuries. We are dedicated to wellness, which encompasses being proactive and addressing deficits before they turn into injuries. We don’t want YOU to become part of that running injury statistic! So, we have designed strength classes to lead runners (and other athletes) through a sequence of exercises that address the key muscles and movements involved in running. We will also incorporate mobility exercises to ensure that you can achieve the necessary range of motion required for the demanding task of running.

If that sounds good to you, follow this link to see more info on the class and sign up!

If you need further convincing on the importance of strength and mobility, keep reading!

Why Strength and Mobility?

The benefits of strength training for athletes are numerous, and well supported in the research. They include:

  • Decreasing injury risk

  • Improving your running economy, making you a more efficient runner.

  • Improving short term and long term endurance capacity. Yes, strength training can make you a better runner!

  • Improved ability to jump, sprint, perform change of direction

Ok, so you know you SHOULD be strength training, but making those intentions actionable can be a challenge.

Group classes can provide you with added accountability to help you follow through with your good intentions. Research indicates that group exercise settings in a community environment has improved long-term adherence to exercise up to 70% in some cases! Additionally, working out as part of a group has been shown to result in improved exercise habits even months later. The group class setting can improve your accountability so that you can turn strength training on a regular basis into a healthy long lasting habit.

Research also indicates that the group exercise setting can result in achieving higher levels of exertion, and higher levels of enjoyment compared to working out alone. Lifting with others can help you push yourself harder, and you will likely have more fun doing it!

At Zenith, these classes will be taught by runners who have first hand experience with the sport, as well as running coaching, and extensive physical therapy and strength and conditioning knowledge to guide you through a thoughtful and targeted strength program.

Don’t wait until 2023 to become a healthier, stronger, and faster version of yourself! Join Zenith’s runner’s strength classes today. You can sign up here and we can get stronger together.

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