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Recovery Sessions: for that "it's not bad enough" stuff.

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Sometimes, we have areas of tightness or discomfort that don't seem 'bad enough' to warrant healthcare or rehab yet; but are getting in the way of how you feel or perform.

Zenith Performance and Wellness is excited to announce another way to decrease soreness, decrease pain sensitivity, improve ROM and strength, and speed up recovery overall... Basically, feel and move better and recover faster.

We have partnered with Hyperice, makers of top quality recovery products such as the Hypervolt line of percussion devices, Normatec dynamic air compression garments, and a variety of other products (vibrating foam rollers, vibrating spheres, ice/head compression wraps).

Current clients are already experiencing some of the benefits of these products, as we have been using percussion devices and vibrating tools with them to improve their ROM and decrease pain during sessions.

We are happy to announce two more ways for current and potential clients to experience the benefits of Hyperice products.

The first is that Zenith-PNW is a clinical retailer, so if you’re interested- products can be purchased through us, which gives you access to the Hyperplus Care team (essentially VIP customer service that is only available if purchased through a clinical retail partner) and allows you to test products in person before purchasing. Contact us if you would like to test any products out.

The second way to experience improved recovery is through Zenith’s new offering: Recovery Sessions. Not physical therapy or personal training, but a session dedicated solely to helping you recover or just to feel good. Sessions may consist of: soft tissue work, assisted stretching, use of percussion and vibrational devices (with education on how it could be performed at home), and use of Normatec compression leg system. Whether you are recovering from a hard training session/race, gearing up for one, or simply feel sore and tight and want to feel better- these sessions are for you (didn’t I just include everyone in that list? Yes-these sessions are for nearly anyone).

Session length and price are:

-30 minutes for $40

-60 minutes for $70

-‘Punch card’ style purchase of 5 hours (to be used in 30-60 minute blocks) for $300 ($60 per 60 minutes).

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